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NTP on HP Aruba Switches

Using time synchronization ensures a uniform time among interoperating devices. This helps you to manage and troubleshoot switch operation by attaching meaningful time data to event and error messages

With HP changing the way they set up NTP on switches this is an easy guide to set it up on CLI. setting up the NTP (network Time Protocol) is very simple


  • Setup the IP Address and switch information i.e. host name on the first switch
  • open The CLI interface using SSH or the Serial cable
  • Go into configuration mode
(config)# configure
  • Setup Daylight saving rules because we are in the uk we choose¬†western-europe
(config)# time daylight-time-rule western-europe
  • Configuring NTP Time Synchronisation.
  • Set the timesync setting to ntp.
(config)# timesync ntp
  • set the NTP mode to unicast:
(config)# ntp unicast
  • Then we’ll add the settings for which server to query for time.
(config)# ntp server ibrust
  • enable the NTP service
(config)# ntp enable

Check your settings so that they actually worked:

(config)# show time
Wed May 17 15:19:50 2018
(config)# show ntp status
NTP Status : Enabled NTP Mode : Unicast 
Synchronization Status : Synchronized Peer Dispersion : 0.00000 sec 
Stratum Number : 13 Leap Direction : 0 
Reference Assoc ID : 0 Clock Offset : -0.97005 sec 
Reference ID : Root Delay : 0.00185 sec 
Precision : 2**-18 Root Dispersion : 1.38523 sec 
NTP Up Time : 0d 00h 22m Time Resolution : 1494 nsec 
Drift : 0.00000 sec/sec

System Time : Wed May 17 15:19:50 2018 
Reference Time : Wed May 17 15:19:50 2018

HP Management guide can be found here

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