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Install Node-Red on Centos 7

It’s been a while since i have done anything with my nodeMCU development boards, so I’m now going to pick the back up and see what has changed.

One big change is the introduction of node-red¬†on this page I’m going to go through the install process on Centos 7


    1. once you have centos installed you will need to make sure it has been updated.
    2. # sudo yum update -y
    3. install Extra Repositories
    4. # sudo yum install epel-release -y
    5. install wget
    6. # sudo yum install wget -y
    7. install Node.JS and npm
    8. # sudo yum install nodejs
    9. install Node-Red
    10. # sudo npm install -g node-red
    11. Verify the Node.js and npm Installation
    12. # node --version
      # npm --version
    13. Install Service Script
sudo wget -O /etc/systemd/system/Node-Red.service

for this i had to modify the script to point to the locations of node.js and node-red
the following 2 lines were changed in the file ” /etc/systemd/system/Node-Red.service”

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node $NODE_OPTIONS /lib/node_modules/node-red/red.js $NODE_RED_OPTIONS

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