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HP Prolient Microserver Gen8 – HomeMedia


Previously i have been using a 2 bay NAS for my HomeMedia server. The nas worked great up to a point where i ran out of space on the drives. Now i had 2TB in the nas and it was being filled up. The main problem was i was unable to automate any maintenance to clean up the files. So i recently got a new server to replace the NAS. I intend to use it as a home NAS. I decided to buy this [amazon_textlink asin=’B015U1KLI4′ text=’hp proliant gen8 g1610t.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’kdweb-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6c74c92c-1c04-11e8-aaab-2d5808841406′]



I have chosen to use a server over a nas for several reasons the main being the flexibility of services i can install. The main selling point for me was the ability to install 4 drives.



Plex Server.

PLEXUAS-1Plex Server does take a bit of time to install and configure but it is the best solution of there at the moment. It provides a nice web based GUI for a standard user. The only problem I have with plex is the DNLA service it has is messy. There is no way to clean up the menus, that I can see. (I might be looking in the wrong place)


To fix this issue I looked at running twonky server along side the plex installation.




twonky-logo-fb2I have used Twonky server in the past it is a very good DNLA Server. it usualy come with all the different NAS’s that I have had in the past. This was the main reason for going for it. It’s simple to setup and run and can be used on any system.

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