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Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics

Item model number: TT-BH036G    Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones



I really like the style of these headphones; they have a subtle design and no garish marks or colours on them. The head strap being metal the bounce is really strong and keeps it close to your head.


Using these for a long period of time about 2-3 hours was not to bad. As the headphones were new the band was very strong and it became uncomfortable the first 2 times but as I used them more and more the headphones became very comfortable indeed.


Over all they are just plug and play devices over Bluetooth and cable. They are easy to turn them on and skip track. Just how they should be.


The sound coming from the headphones is generally balanced but it is slightly weak on the base. This is just what I’m used too though. I would say for people who like a balanced sound these are great.

While listening to music on a bus the Noise cancellation worked really well I could just about hear the noise form the bus.

When talking a phone call the sound was clear and precise. The person on the other end was happy with the sound they were receiving.


One issue I had with the headphones is the dust cover for the charging port. I do not think it is necessary as millions of devices have the same port without a dustcover. It spoils the sleek look.

Overall impressions.

At the price, point they are selling at it’s a steal, I would recommend anyone getting a pair. I will continue using them and any issues I will report back.

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