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Fulham Shoeshine

fulham shoeshine

Fulham shoeshine

Founded in 2020 during the COVID epidemic, Fulham Shoeshine’s goal is to provide an accessible, convenient and high-quality shoeshine service to London’s shoe lovers. Using only the highest quality crémes, waxes and moisturisers, Fulham Shoeshine offers a range of service levels to ensure that whatever your reason, your shoes truly shine.

Founder and head-shoeshiner, Jason Cleaver, has long held a passion for leather footwear. He developed his technique over the course of his 10+ years working in the City of London where he quickly learned that whilst presentation isn’t everything, it certainly helps!

Regularly complimented on the mirror shine applied to his shoes, he was often asked how to achieve this. Upon giving advice it became clear that most people didn’t have the time or enthusiasm to achieve the almost-unobtainable mirror shine. So here we are! Told you it was short.

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