RAVPower 36W USB Charger USB-A & USB-C ports

The RAVPower 36W charger is a great new offering from RAVPower, It’s a great replacement for any USB charger, that is available on the internet.

The power output of this charger is incredible for the size. The unit has all the protection circuitry that is required, this give you the peace of mind when plugging your expensive devices in to it. Both ports feature the iSmart technology, allowing the charger to deliver exactly the current the device asks for.

The USB A port can provide 5V 2.4A

The USB C port can provide multiple voltages and currents, 5v 3A, 9V 2A, 15V 2A, 20V 1.5A

The dimensions of the charger is great that it allows it to be plugged in alongside other devices. This an issue that most other chargers have. The build
With all new Devices moving to USB-C, this will become a universal smartphone and laptop adapter, to charge any device everywhere, without the need to bring multiple cables and adapters. A very effective and all-in-one device will come in handy especially when travelling.


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