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RavPower Battery Pack 22,000 mAh

 Build and Design

The RavPower battery bank it is 16.5 x 6.4 x 2.5 CM rectangle with rounded corners. It weighs 410 g. That makes it relatively big and heavy but it packs a huge capacity, it’s still large enough that it needs to be carried in a gear bag or purse.

There are plenty of smaller external batteries on the market, but these are meant for phones and can’t fully recharge a tablet.

there are 2 micro-USB cables one a 26CM cable and 64CM Long. On the top is a 3 full-size USB port, so that charging cables for any type of devices – like iPads — can be plugged in. Three devices can be charged simultaneously with a total of 5.8A

USB Ports

Also on the side is a micro-USB port that used to charge this battery pack.


On one side is a button that lights up a set of four blue LEDs to indicate how much charge is available: 100%, 75%, etc.

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Possibly the best feature of this battery bank is that it is never necessary to turn it on. Simply plugging it into a tablet or phone that needs a re-charge is all that it takes to begin the charging process. This avoids a hassle that affects all external batteries that have to be manually activated: when they are charging a mobile device that’s in use, once that device hits 100% the charger will shut down, allowing the computer’s charge to start dropping again.


Because this external battery is rated at 22000 mAh, i have managed to change my xperia z5 7 times so far and it still says it has 25% remaining. this device is perfect for a long weekend away from a plug socket.

This battery can put out 5 volts of power, the maximum allowable with the USB standard.


Recharging the battery pack itself took 12 hours.



We don’t always have access to electrical sockets: long plane flights and hiking trips are just two examples of when an external battery comes in handy. The RavPower 22,000mAh Battery Pack is a good option to fully recharge most tablets in these situations. There are 22,000mAh (approx) battery packs available online for less, but none of these are from companies with the brand recognition of RavPower



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