RAVPower Ultra Durable Lightning Cable

I am very impressed with these cables from RavPower. Some Lightning cables I have found online are not well made and not as durable as these and can be easy to break or fail out over time. These cables are good, the quality is great, it is better than the original Apple cable provided with the IPhone or IPad. This design is of an higher quality, more durable and sturdy than its original alternative or any that i have seen online.

This was the first time using RavPower cable. The pack of 2 Cables for the price is unbeatable anywhere else. I was sick of other cables breaking on my. they always problem at the ends where the rubber of the connector would meet the cable.
I have tried pulling the cables and using the cables to pick up a 10KG weight even after this punishment the cables work flawlessly. I don’t know what to do to break the cable.

The cables themselves are well made with solid rubber ends and a thick wire. much thicker than the standard apple cable. this makes me think it will last a long time. The cables can be used for both charging and transfer of data which is nice because many cables lack the data transfer feature.


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it does look like I will replace all broken cables with these ones from now on.

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