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RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Power Bank With USB C

The New RAVPower Power bank is a new addition to the the RAVPower range. This new upgrade introduces the USB type C port. After using it for a few weeks this is what i have found.

Lets start with the basics.

Build Quality

The Build Quality is incredible it feels solid and tough. There is one seam that goes all the way around the battery pack that connects the two halfs of the shell together. The 2 USB A Ports feel solid and so does the new USB C


This is where i was impressed most, at first i was a little disappointed when i saw the micro usb at the side of the battery. Then after reading the manual (yes i know) i found out that the battery can be dual charged. Thats right it can be charged using the micro USB or the USB type C port. now if only there was a USB type C Cable in the box.

I was able to charge 2 phones and a tablet without an issue. the total amp draw was 5.7 amps. during the charging there was no interruption from the battery bank, it performed without an issue. Next i tried out the usb charging i plugged my laptop into the usb c port and managed to get 2.5 charges out of the pack. which is reasonable. this does mean that is battery pack is great for a long flight.

Four lights indicate the status of the battery left (25-100%). The material is fireproof, and it fits very nicely in the hand. The circuitry inside is premium and with all protections included.

The amount of power that it can hold is 22000mAh. assuming most phones are around the 2400mAh you are looking at around 9 full charges.


Over all I am happy with the Power bank. It fits in with my life really well. and with the 8 hour charge through the USB Type C Port I can leave it overnight and it will be ready to go in the morning.

More info can be found on RAVPowers Page https://www.ravpower.com/22000mah-usb-battery-pack-black.html

You can get one from amazon.


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